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Larger creatures such as rats, mice and squirrels are classed as vermin. Scroll down the listings below to read more about each creature. Eko Services are fully qualified to deal with vermin problems and are always on hand to offer advice.
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Rats are an extremely common pest in the UK and throughout the rest of the world with the exception of Antarctica where they don’t exist at all. » More Info


Feral pigeons foul buildings and architecture and this in turn causes an unsightly mess, harbours disease and causes actual damage from the acidic content of the droppings. » More Info


House Mice and Field Mice are generally the species that we encounter as pests, both in business and domestic dwellings. » More Info


Moles are solitary in nature and live most of their lives underground. Their tunnel system covers an area of between 400–2000 square meters and may infest permanent grassland, woodland, parks, gardens, playing fields, cemeteries, golf courses etc. » More Info


Grey squirrels are not originally native to the UK and were introduced into Britain between 1876 and 1929 from North America. It is now common throughout most of the UK but less so in Scotland and some of our islands. » More Info

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