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Flies are a very large group of insects consisting of well over 120,000 species some estimates suggesting there may be close to a million. They are characterised by the scientific name “diptera” meaning 2 winged, this is the main attribute that differentiates it from other insects.

Many homes and businesses can have problems with flies, knowledge of different fly species, can help to identify the most effective prevention and fly control methods.

Most flies feed by vomiting onto their food source liquefying it then sucking it back into their system in order to digest it. As most people are aware flies are responsible for the spread and transmission of many illnesses and disease.

Most flies have the ability to breed extremely rapidly creating population explosions if conditions are favourable.

How to prevent and get rid of Flies

Preventing flies entering food premises is particularly important, the 1990 food safety act requires that food must be wholesome and uncontaminated, businesses must demonstrate their “due diligence” that they have taken all reasonable precautions to prevent this. Physical control methods such as fly screens and curtains will keep out the vast majority. Internally, professional electronic fly control units are very useful if correctly positioned as this as a great impact on their effectiveness. Electronic units must also be regularly serviced to maintain their effectiveness.

Keeping areas internally and externally scrupulously clean, prevent flies accessing bins by means of close fitting lids. Site bins as far away from doors and windows as is practicable.

In areas where fly problems are more problematic and complex such as animal housing, animal waste or landfills, waste processing sites we can help.

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