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The black garden ant is usually the species that invades homes and commercial buildings.

The start of a new colony is formed after the winged mated females disperse in late summer. This swarming of winged ants (both male and female) is often many colonies synchronising their emergence over a short time period and can often be observed were masses of ants are flying or emerging from their nests. When the ants settle the wings fall off and if the female survives will then go on to start her own colony the following spring, and so the cycle begins. The ants found patrolling around the garden or kitchen are worker ants foraging for food to take back or summon other workers to help.

Nests can be anywhere where the ants are able to dig and remove substrate be that behind skirting boards, cavity walls, carpets, tiles, slabs etc. Although black garden ants aren’t normally vectors of disease they are none the less unwelcome when associated with human habitation.

How to prevent and get rid of (Common) Black Garden Ants

If ants are entering a building, a thorough investigation needs to be made. All small gaps and cracks need to be filled and sealed with cement or mastic. Sometimes if the problem is not too extensive insecticide approved for amateur use may be enough to solve the problem. Serious infestations will normally need the services of a professional pest contractor. We can solve even the worst ant infestations and will also provide follow up preventative treatments the following spring at the first sign of ant activity.


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