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General info

Grey squirrels are not originally native to the UK and were introduced into Britain between 1876 and 1929 from North America. It is now common throughout most of the UK but less so in Scotland and some of our islands.

They are active during daylight hours and are common in both rural and urban environments.

Naturally they prefer to build their nests called dreys or dens in trees but where these are scarce or absent then they are much more likely to enter into building roof spaces. They will easily climb walls to enter buildings where they cause serious damage by gnawing woodwork, chewing electrical cables and water pipes and tearing up insulation to make their dreys. In gardens and parks they will damage or kill saplings and trees, eat garden fruit and dig up lawns to bury food. They are also responsible for killing many young birds while being reared in their nests.

How to prevent and get rid of grey squirrel

Squirrel proofing can be carried out to prevent them gaining access in the first place, once inside they are very determined and will often remove items of wire, wood etc to get back inside, this is particularly so they’ve commenced breeding. We can rid your home, business and outdoor spaces of squirrels using a variety of approved methods and then correctly proof to prevent re-entry.

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