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Clothes Moth

Clothes Moth
Ashby De La Zouch

General info

The Common Cloths Moth are small 6-7mm buff coloured moths with wings fringed with filaments, the rarer Case Bearing Cloths Moth is duller with three dark brown spots on each wing, both fold their wings characteristically tent like when at rest.

Both are serious pests of natural fibres such as woollen clothing, upholstery and carpets but will also attack synthetic fibres and infest some stored foods products. Items that are stained with perspiration, food and drink will be more susceptible to attack.

Until many moths these moths are not attracted to bright light and will actively seek out dark areas to hide. Adult moths will often be seen running rather than flying but it is the feeding larvae that do the damage rather than adult moth. The tiny lava is white with a brown head, the case bearing moth lava is distinguished by the silken case it spins around itself and also where it gets its name.

How to prevent and get rid of Clothes Moths

Preventing infestation by laundering woollens before winter storage is always a good first step, the use of plastic storage bags will also prevent the moths getting access and laying eggs on your belongings.

If your prevention measures have failed call us without delay as the sooner the infestation is addressed the better. We treat the Clothes Moth and their larvae with residual sprays to carpets, furniture and items where they hide, feed and breed. Powered space sprays can also be used to kill adult moths.

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