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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs
Ashby De La Zouch

General info

Bedbugs are now a common UK pest, particularly in hotels, domestic properties, hostels, and many multi-occupancy buildings. The rise in numbers over recent years is down to increased international travel, bringing in antiques and secondhand furniture and also to the bedbugs pesticidal resistance.

How do I know if I have Bedbugs

Bedbugs are wingless disc shaped insects, adult size is about 6-7mm long and dark brown after feeding on a blood meal, the colour is general lighter on unfed individuals. Young bedbugs also called nymphs are smaller versions of the adults which moult several times until reaching adult stage at about 5-8 weeks. All life stages of the bedbug need to feed on blood and normally live for several months although they also have the ability to survive up to 12 months without food.

Bedbugs prefer being close to their food source and infestation numbers are normally more concentrated on and around the bedframe and mattress areas. They prefer to hide away in cracks and crevices and close inspection of bed frames, under mattress buttons and material piping often find greater numbers although this varies and is dependent on the degree of infestation.

The following and common signs of an infestation:

  • Red irritating bites, typically in rows on your neck, shoulders, back, legs or arms.
  • Clusters or dark spots (faeces) about 1mm wide that look like an ink dot, are usually found on the bed frame or on the bottom side of the mattress.
  • Small blood-smears on the bed linen or head-board.
  • Finding the small brown insects in and around your bed frame and sleeping area.

Treatment and control

Treating bedbug infestations can be intensive and is only recommended by experienced trained professionals. Due to bedbug insecticide resistance 2-3 treatments are usually recommended, this allows the use of different insecticide groups and along with the bedbug knowledge lessens any chance of survival.

If you suspect bedbugs don’t delay contact us today for more information.

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